Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas #1

Our children are completely and totally aware of the true meaning of Christmas and Jesus birth is truly always the center of our activities and celebration. However, we do have some fun with the whole "santa" aspect of Christmas (see past posts of former Christmas's). One of our local friends dresses up as santa and goes around Christmas Eve to different families spreading some cheer. This is the 3rd year for him to come visit our kids. He brings each of the kids 1 small gift and they are so tickled.

Christmas scrapbook

Byron teaching Kent and Vince how to change the oil on the tractor.

Christmas Caroling

One of my favorite Christmas activities is caroling. My kids singing to Mr. & Mrs. Conley. They had sang to quite a few others before this picture was taken and you can tell they are tired. They were missing their Sunday afternoon naps.

Singing to Mrs. Marie McAdoo. Without her, our church would not be in existance. There was a point in our church's history where there was a group of people in authority trying to close down the church. Sr. McAdoo and 2 other godly women in the church stepped up and fought hard to keep the doors open.

Our church ladies make our Christmas treats each year and this year they totally hit the ball out of the park. The chocolates were AWESOME!!! We had so much fun making it together and then at a later date we all packed it together. Here are the pictures of some of the church ladies as we packed the boxes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Time With Daddy

This past week Byron scheduled into his schedule some time to just sit and read to the kids. Of course they loved it and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them together. I took lots of pics for when they are older.