Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Good to Attend Business Meeting

Tonight was our first quarter business meeting here at church. Byron read his report and listed a bunch of things he did in the first 3 months of this year. Towards the end of the list he read, "attended my wife's funeral in Indiana, PA". I was shocked. I didn't know I had died. I think everyone was about dying laughing and my poor husband had no clue. He just thought they were laughing because his report was so long. It was really quite humorous. So, when he was done he asked if anyone had any questions and one lady asked when I had died.
So, its important to attend your church's business meetings. You never know what you'll find out!!

Time Management Talk

Many of you have seen this video about Randy Pausch. If not... watch it first.

He is the young man (yes, I'm getting older - someone in their 40's now seems young to me) who has pancreatic cancer. He gave the following speech in November and I have to say that minus a few words that I would not use, it is undoubtedly the best time management speech I have ever heard. It is a bit long but it is absolutely worth the time it will take you to listen to it.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He orders our days.

My idea of a relaxed afternoon/evening would most certainly NOT include making a flying trip 30 miles away to the ER but that is exactly what we did today. Vincent and a neighbor dog failed to see eye to eye about property lines and Vincent came out the loser of their altercation. As you can see here:

For more on the canine crime see Byron's blog.

However, God brought to mind, as I was rather impatiently going over and over in my mind what all I was NOT getting done, that His plans are far better than my own plans even if I cannot see what HE sees. Lord help me to accept the twists and turns life sends my way - graciously and patiently!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Verdict is In

Today I took my 2 girls for their yearly check up. Before the doctor came in Alyssa asked me what the doctor was going to say. I told her that the doctor was going to tell her that she was a monkey. She said, "no she's not going to say that!!!"

Well, the doctor came in and right away Alyssa asked her. I slyly winked at the doctor - who by the way is a wonderful wonderful doctor. She took my cue and said,"Well, do you like to climb trees?"Alyssa assured her that she does. Then the doctor said,"Do you like to climb onto your mommy's lap?" Alyssa nodded happily. The doctor said, "Yes, you are definately a monkey!" Alyssa got this look on her face that clearly said, "I cannot believe this doctor just said that!!"

So, right away, Kendra pipes up..."Am I a monkey too?" The doctor said, "Well, do you climb onto your mommy's lap?" Kendra said, "No!! My mommy picks me up and puts me on her lap!" The doctor laughed and said, "then no, you are NOT a monkey."

At which point Kendra looked at Alyssa and said, "Ha ha!!"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Carr's

Our family is truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful church family. We honestly could not ask for kinder, more accepting people. It is our PRIVILEGE to be the parsonage family here. At any rate, we love having our people to our home for meals. Today Buddy & Lisa came for Sunday dinner. Buddy and Lisa are so much fun to be around and we truly enjoy any time we get to spend with them. Thanks for coming today ya'll!!! Next time we'll skip the strawberry pie and have CHOCOLATE!!! :-)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Glimpse into the Future

Vincent and his little "buddy". He is quite smitten. As all young men eventually do when a young lady steals their heart, he choose her over his mommy tonight. :-(

Can anyone say "Amen"?

Gas just hit 3.61 here in Albion yesterday. We have cut back our driving as much as we can at this point. Byron still has hospital calls several times a week (approximately 30 miles one way) which we cannot cut back on. I never thought I'd see the day when over 1/2 of our paycheck goes to gas.

Update: I had to take the video clip out because it was distorting everything on the blog.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Laundromat Fun!

Well, due to the severe shortage of water here at our house - which means we run out of water numerous times a day - everyday..... I've started doing our laundry in town at the laundromat. It is, obviously, more expensive than doing it here at home but basically I can only do one load a day without running out of water - which with a family of 6 is just not workable. Anyways...... I have found that it actually a bit of a stress reliever to be able to do it all at once and see it actually finished.

My new hangout...

The back of my van..... I neglected to take pics of the rest of the van which was also packed full.

Besides these in this picture there were 2 mesh laundry bags clear full plus 6 quilt/blankets

I did 5 loads in these nice big washers

I dried things just long enough to bring them home and hang them out to dry or finish drying in my dryer at home.

Voice of Reason

I was reading through my latest copy of "Parenting" magazine that comes each month to my mailbox - no idea how or why - I certainly haven't purchased a subscription but nonetheless......

On page 53 something caught my eye....

"This much I know....."
First the "it" celebrity accessory was tiny dogs, but now baby bumps are getting their star turn. Which is nice and all until I had to explain to my daughters at the grocery checkout why Jessica Alba got knocked up first and held out for the marriage thing later, and why Halle Berry proclaimed she's not married to her baby's daddy. I told my girls that there are many different kinds of families, but going it alone isn't as romantic as the magazines make it out to be. Thankfully, that was enough for them, and I didn't have to explain (again) how babies get in bellies. When they have more questions, I'll repeat our families values: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. By Denene Millner

What a breath of fresh air to hear this coming from a secular writer, and one is quite accomplished at that.

And I said a hearty AMEN sister!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks Tom & Cindy!!

This morning I got a voicemail message from Cindy telling me not to fix supper because she was fixing supper to bring to us. We are so blessed to have Tom & Cindy as part of our church family. We love you both lots!!! Thanks so much for the delightful supper!!! The biscuits and brownies were my personal favorite (Its obvious I'm not on a diet). The kids fought over the ham balls and Byron was pretty sure it was all meant for him only!! :-) They did not stay to help us eat the meal although we did try to persuade them. Alyssa was just a tiny bit offended that they didn't I think because she kept asking me why they left so soon!! LOL

I sure appreciated the break tonight Cindy!!

Time Magazine Outrage

I am outraged that TIME magazine has compared the "war" on
global warming to our nation's great world wars -- and that
TIME defamed the iconic photo of the Marines landing at Iwo
Jima by putting a tree in the hands of the Marines!

I just signed a petition to demand an apology from TIME -- and
to stop the media's bias on global warming.

Please go here: to sign the petition as well.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I DO know!

I just said to a friend today that I just don't know if anything is "sure and certain" anymore. But, THIS, I do know!!!

P.S. I don't know what I would do without music. It speaks to me like nothing else can.

My Heart Cry Today

Prayer Needed

Bro. Tom Mooney from our church is needing prayer today for a miracle. Without one, he will soon be in Heaven. See Byron's blog for more details.

Kids Books - humor for the day

My sister knew I needed some cheering up today so she pointed me in this direction.....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week in Review part 4

If you look closely you can see our 4 children among the many many kids who sang several songs for the adults. It was very good!!! Three of my children were on the front row and one of my daughters was proudly dancing and twirling away for all the world to see. My youngest son was also freely clapping away to all the songs - nevermind the fact that none of the other kids were. LOL

In the exhibit area of the convention many of the booths were giving away pens, candy, book marks, etc. Well, the kids were merrily collecting all manner of items. Among the display booths were a coupe vendors. Well, to my 5, 4, & 3 yr old, it was all free as far as they knew. Thankfully we discovered before too long what was taking place and we then emptied their bags and put all the "for sale" items back.

Week in Review part 3

Kendra getting to hold Natalie Heath

Emily, Natalie and I. (I don't THINK my hair was as terrible looking as this pic makes it out to be..... ugh)

Kendra getting a push

Exie about to go on her first date - Byron acting all disapproving.... LOL

Holly & I

Tracey Miller & I at IHC. This was taken about 1 hour into the 80+ min sermon. Can you tell I am about to completely come unhinged??

Week in Review part 2

Bro. Hartley & Byron

Bro. & Sr. Johnson & Byron

Emily Thompson and the kids

David Thompson and the boys

Holdin down the bench!

Enjoying time with each other.

Being Jonathan :-) (who by the way has turned out to be a very nice young man. When we ministered there he was just a boy.

Jeff Harper & his grandson Sammy (Jeffrey and Sara's son)

Aunt Beth (I really like this picture of her)

When Sr. Newman found out we were cmoing to visit she made Byron's favorite pie (apple) and my favorite (pecan) for us.

It's been a fun (and expensive) week!

We left for IHC (Interdenominational Holiness Convention) at noon on Wednesday. If gas prices were not killing us, I'd actually love to travel. Which, incidentally, we are currently paying more per month for gas than we are for groceries.

But, I digress..... The kids are starting to be allot of fun while traveling and we even made it from home to Dayton, OH (5+ hours) with no potty or food breaks!!! I was very proud of my munchkins.

We arrived at our hotel with enough time to check in, change into church clothes and get to the evening service. You can read about our hotel on Byron's blog. In a valiant effort to pinch pennys and save money, I managed (on the recommendation of a friend) to book a very nasty room in a very low budget hotel. It was NOT a memorable experience. It did, however, provide allot of opportunity to teach the kids that someday they may be called to a third world country where their accommodations may not be up to par with what they are accustomed to. Not sure if the lesson sunk in but, we tried.

It was a blessing to be at IHC and I greatly enjoyed Rev. Kauffman's sermon on Thursday AM. Rev. Stetlers sermon on Wednesday night was very good as well, however, as the saying goes, "the mind can only absorb what the seat can endure" and after an hour I kinda zoned out. Especially considering the fact that I had sat in the van for 5 hours then had sat there in the bleachers from 6:00. So, by 8:30 the kids and I were ready to evacuate the premises. By 9:30 when he finally dismissed we were pretty much ready to yell, "FIRE!" in an effort to get out of there in a more timely fashion. :-)

Thursday we left and headed for Zanesville, OH. For those of you who don't know, Byron was assistant pastor there a few years ago so we figured that we may as well stop on our way back home to see some of our friends whom we hadn't seen for a long time. The following pics are from those visits. We had a lovely time fellowshipping with everyone and made some very happy memories. We are so very blessed to have faithful friends who love us for who we are.

Sr. Geary & Alyssa chillin out.

Bro. Geary and the kids

Bro. Geary

Joey McHugh and the McCreery twins.

Sr. Geary, Carolyn & Abby McHugh

Carol Geary & Julie solving the world's problems

Rachel McCreery (the Coshocton Church's pastor's wife)

Unfortunately, the best picture we got of both Ben & Carolyn. Sometimes I think we need a list of pictures that need to be taken so that none get forgotten. UGH!!

Bro. Hartley. It was so sad to be there without Sr. Hartly to greet us. Be praying for Bro. Hartley. If we miss her this much I can only imagaine how much he must miss her.


For the ones sick of seeing "Tax day..." anytime they click on my blog, here's a few pics to hold you until I can get the umpteen pics uploaded from this last week.

Kenton and Andrew Hinkle

A pecan pie made just for me by Sr. Newman.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day Special at Walgreens

If you have a Walgreen's nearby, they are offering 15 free digital prints today only. The code is TAXDAY if you do it online. (thanks Kim for letting us know!!)

Great Krispy Kreme Deal

Go here for a BOGO coupon.....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

He Got Me!!

Well, my husband did the impossible. He planned a surprise birthday party for me - totally under my nose - without me finding out about it. Now, granted, looking back on the last couple months, I can see multiple slip ups and allot of things that were "strange" to me at the time - all make sense now. However, he managed to plan, orchestrate and successfully pull of a surprise party Friday night for 70+ people. I was under the impression that we were planning a party for Kenton's birthday but instead, it was for me!!! For those of you who don't know, Kenton and I share the same birthday - 4/7. The party was also for Kenton but I had no clue it was for me as well!

So, needless to say, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. We had a lovely evening and it was so heartwarming to see so many people come to show me that they care. I would post allot of pictures but Byron has a ton on his blog so you can hop over there and see them. And just in case you wonder, the bright colored walls are NOT our house. We had the party at our community youth center. And here are more pics.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saying Goodbye and Hello

Saying "goodbye" is never fun and when that "goodbye" is in the form of a funeral - it is even harder. Yesterday we said goodbye to our dear friend, Rozella Hartley. She was known better to us as "Grandma Hartley". Although not blood related, we still felt loved as if we were blood relations. We met Sr. Hartley while we were assistant pastor's at Zanesville and she and her husband quickly became very dear to our family. They traveled to ISF each month with us and we made such dear memories with them. When we moved from Zanesville they came and spent several days at our new pastorate visiting with us and making more memories. She was faithful to write us letters and to call us every month. We had no doubt that she loved us and prayed for us. We will miss her but Heaven is sweeter.

Now for the "hello" part!! Hello's are much easier than goodbyes for most. I am more backward and not necessarily comfortable with meeting new people but the rest of my family has no trouble with this. So, last night on the way home from Zanesville we stopped by the Warren Bible Methodist church and said, "Hello" (ie. made new friends) to Rev. & Mrs. Henry Miller. The Millers are in revival there this week and Daryl & Marilyn invited us to stop by. We had a lovely evening visiting and getting to know Rev. & Mrs. Miller a little bit. Hopefully our children didn't scare them off from coming to our church in the fall for revival!!! At one point Rev. Miller said, "Oh, I can't remember ....." to which Kenton promptly said, "when you get old you tend to forget things." Oh gracious. That was clearly a "can I crawl under the table and hide" moment.

The song comes to mind.... "Sometimes we laugh together, sometimes we cry. Sometimes we share together, heartaches and sighs. Sometimes to we dream together of how it will be.... when we all get to Heaven - God's family!" That about sums up our day together. Lots and lots of tears and ended with lots of laughs!!!
P.S. We did get a picture of Ashley but I'm fairly certain that if I posted it she would never speak to us again!! LOL

Girl's Day Out

Cindy Misch and I have begun a tradition of going out to eat on the second Tuesday of every month. This month was our 4th month and I have found myself really looking forward to our outings. This Tuesday we headed for Erie and had a delightful lunch at Cracker Barrel where Cindy treated me for my birthday. Thanks Cindy!!!! The we went to the mall and I just thoroughly enjoyed walking through the mall. I have no idea when the last time was that I have just shopped in the mall. It was so much fun and I thoroughly enjoy anytime spent with Cindy. You can read her version of the day here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This blog has had 20,000 hits since July 07.

That said, Byron reminded me that I did not put the sitemeter on here right away so that isn't totally accurate - but just a bit of fun.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Our First Born

Dear Kenton,

Today (April 7th) you turn 8 years old. It is unbelievable how fast these last 8 years have flown by. What undescribable joy you have brought to our lives. We are so very proud of you and love you very very much. This song is the song we sang to you at your dedication. We meant it then, and we still mean it. Happy Birthday buddy!!

Click to play Kenton's Birthday
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New Election Poll

A new poll showed that if the presidential election were held today...........

Most people would be confused because its usually held in November.

Sorry everyone but this just totally made my day.

Addendum to the last post

I wanted to hasten to add that our church has been wonderful to our children and in reality our children have 15+ sets of grandparents. I just felt that Rev. Lawrensons article was worthy of being posted for all to see.

What you might not know about your pastor's kids

Rev. Rick Lawrenson has been doing a series on his blog about the parsonage family. The First was "what you might not know about your pastor", the second was, "what you might not know about your pastor's wife" and the third was "what you might not know about your pastor's kids". Fantastic stuff. Anyways.... you can just click on his name above to go see his posts or you can just continue reading. I am going to paste the latest.

(This is the 3rd in a series that I hope is enlightening to the Christian community about your pastors and their families. You can find the previous posts here and here.)

I know about pastor’s kids. Growing up, I was often friends with my pastors’ kids and spent time in their homes. During my college years my own dad entered the pastorate, so while I’m not a pastor’s kid, my youngest two brothers went through adolescence in a pastor’s home. And of course my own children have for most of their lives been pastor’s children. So I am somewhat of an expert, for what it’s worth.

Pastors’ kids are kids. Like their moms, they didn’t receive a call from God to their lot in life growing up. So they have no choice in the matter. But, you might say, neither do any children. Kids don’t determine what their parents do career-wise. Yeah, but most careers don’t put their children in a fishbowl, either.

They don’t want to be looked at differently. They just want to be treated as normal kids like everyone else’s. That shouldn’t be too hard. But for some reason in many churches it is.

They aren’t perfect, so don’t expect them to be. Hey, they’re just like your kids. You’ve heard the joke. Why are preachers kids so bad? Because they play with the deacons’ kids.

Unless they are your children they’re not yours to discipline. And if you do see them truly misbehave, tell it to their parents, not to other church members or to “the board”. It’s not their business. Give them the same respect you expect. Take them out from under the microscope.

In many cases they likely carry some resentment toward the church because of a number of things. Typically…

Dad can’t attend their ballgames/dance recitals/camping trips, etc. because he has to take care of the church. Yet other church members have no problem attending their kids functions. Kids aren’t stupid. They see the inconsistencies and unfairness.

They have to attend church every time the doors are open. Sometimes because “we have to set the example”. But they don’t want to be the examples. They want to be normal. Remember, it’s not their “calling”.

They hear the criticisms of their dad. This one really stinks. No kid should hear another adult or hear of another adult blasting their parents, even if the criticism is warranted. But it happens way too often in churches. Adults can handle that stuff. Kids shouldn’t have to.

They see the stress at home that balancing ministry and family causes his parents and their relationship. Again, pastoring is a 24/7 job. See my previous posts on this subject.In most cases (I say most because I talk to lots of pastors across this country) their father is overworked and underpaid. So they don’t have the income to take the nice vacation or buy the better clothes or get the latest gadgets for Christmas. Sorry, but it’s true.

That’s enough. You get the picture.Just because dad’s a pastor doesn’t mean they want to be one. In fact, depending on how the church treats their dad will largely determine their relationship with the church as an adult.

Just because dad’s a pastor doesn’t mean they are believers. And if they aren’t, they have to put on the act. And that makes them dislike themselves because they know they’re pretending. Treat them like any other child who needs Christ – with love.

If you give them their space and privacy they’ll like you a whole lot more. And they’ll like the church, too. If they don’t feel like oddballs because dad’s a pastor, they could turn out normal.

Most pastors kids are genuinely caring children who want both to please their parents and their God. They’re not super-spiritual, but can be spiritually dynamic people if they get the same chances to just be kids like everyone else. There are some great success stories of pastor’s children who go on to accomplish wonderful things in life through whatever careers they choose. But because they are who they are, so much is made or broken by how dad’s church(es) treat them and their parents.

Having said all that I think my three children (and they’re free to respond here) have no regrets from being reared in a pastor’s home. They’re all three healthy and committed to their families and are all active in their churches. My son is a full-time worship leader working with me. My first daughter married a youth pastor and is in another state. My youngest daughter and her husband are nearby and are great volunteers in our church. I’m not bragging- just saying being a pastor’s kid doesn’t have to be negative or stressful. But I also give my church credit for allowing my family to just be a family, and for praying for us over the years.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Multiple Meanings

The kids were rough housing around, wresting, etc and Alyssa came whining to me that the boys were being too rough. Here is the conversation that followed between her and I.

Me: Alyssa, if you decide to play with the big dogs you're probably gonna get bit.
Alyssa: Mom!! I'm not playing with the dogs! I'm playing with the boys!!

Then she walked away shaking her head. LOL

I am so Blessed!!

Today I was busy working and I heard the kids hollering for me to come. They had been outside playing so I figured someone had gotten hurt or something like that. When I came into the kitchen this is what I saw:

They all said, "Happy Birthday Mom!!" Then Kenton hastened to add, "A couple days early!!" LOL My kids are so sweet and I am so very very blessed to be their mommy.