Saturday, September 18, 2010

He Really Wants Us To Make It (part 2)

Some of you will remember this post from last year.

Well, today we experienced the 2010 pedal pull and God once again used it to teach me a faith lesson.

Last week, Byron and I began to compare our schedules for today and it looked like he would not be able to make it to the pedal pull today. I noticed that Kendra seemed especially perturbed and sure enough later in the day she called me into her room where she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and what she said really hit home with me - today. She said, "Mommy, if daddy isn't there I won't be able to win." I asked her why not and she said, "Because I can't win if daddy isn't standing in front of me calling for me to come to him."

Just pause a moment and let that sink into your head.

We HAVE to win this race to Heaven. But the beautiful truth is that our Heavenly Father is standing out in front of us constantly "pulling" for us. Constantly cheering us on. He IS with us.

On the other hand, how many people are you standing in front of cheering them on... pulling for them? How many young Christians are you pulling for? Some of them are pedalling for all their worth and feeling like the weights are just too heavy. You may be the only tangible thing they can latch onto and through you gain the strength to keep pressing forward toward the mark.

So....the two things God re-taught me today:

1. Our "Daddy", our Heavenly Father is ever before us. We don't have to ever worry that His schedule may be too full to intercede for us.

2. I may be the only cheerleader/encourager someone I run into today has. I cannot let anyone down.

And in closing...just a couple pics from today..... Be sure to notice how closely the girls had their eyes on their daddy. Another lesson perhaps, eh?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hanging on for dear Life!

This is me on most days.... going about my business. Albeit somewhat "living on the edge.." Doing my best.....

This is me on some days.... Just "hangin on for dear life!".

(Byron took these awesome pics while hiking through the woods today. I LOVE them!!)

Great Great Grandma Blair

The kids and I got spend a few minutes visiting with my Great Grandma Blair. I wish my kids could have had the privilege to visit her in her younger days and get to sit and eat gingersnaps dipped in buttermilk (with just a sprinkle of pepper) before bed each night. I have lots of very fond memories of sitting beside Grandma while she read to me "The Pineapple Story" and many others. But now we will live with the special memories we have and pass them on to her great great grandkids!

Persistance in Parenting

Maggie is a mom. She is a feline mom. She had 5 kittens 5 weeks ago. Maggie is probably the best feline mom I have ever seen. Super protective and took excellent care of her kittens.

Saturday was the first "cold" day we've had since the kittens were born. Not only was it cold but it was very rainy. Shortly after breakfast I heard Maggie meowing loudly and persistently at the front door. I ignored her for awhile - and she persisted. So I took her a bit of food and mindlessly stuck it outside the door as quickly as I could. And the meowing continued. This is very unlike Maggie. She has never done this before ever. When I continued to ignore her, she started leaping up into the air as high as she could and banging against the door.

So finally, I couldn't take the noise any longer so I went out to relocate the howling mama. When I went out onto the porch though, I saw that when I opened the door, I had pushed aside a tiny kitten. She had carried the kitten up to the front door and laid him down then started to howl to get my attention.
So, I picked up the kitten and carried him through the house and out to the back porch where I placed him in a box with a towel. Previously the kittens home had been beneath the hosta's in front of the house - in the now rainy, cold elements.

I went back to my housework and soon heard the now familiar meowing/howling. So about 10 min later I went back to the door and found a 2nd kitten had been laid at the thresh hold. I took this kitten to join his brother on the back porch. Meanwhile, Maggie doesn't know where I am putting the kittens. She thinks I am taking the into the warm dry house. For you see, Maggie once lived in this house. Shortly, the meowing and howling started again and I soon found the 3rd kitten laying at my front door. I then took the last kitten and Maggie and completed the feline family circle in the warm dry box on the back porch.

The whole episode made my mind start thinking about the level of my dedication and persistence to see my children safe from the harmful elements they are living in. And ultimately, am I willing to be that persistent to my Heavenly Father in prayer for my children's soul? Is it enough to simply bring them to the Father each day and then sit back and wait to see what happens? Or should I be as persistent and dedicated as my feline friend, Maggie?