Tuesday, July 31, 2007


*sigh* Today has been one of "those days". It seems that not much has gone right. The cataclismic (is that even a word???) event just happened just a few moments ago......

Our faithful camera that has dutifully served our family for the last 18 months snapped its last photo and bid farewell to this sweltering earth. Granted, it was aided on its way by a concussion (camera's and pavement don't mix well) so more than likely, 18 months is a short life for a camera. At any rate, after taking pictures almost daily for the last 18 months, we bid a fond farewell to Mr. Olympus.

Anyone want to guess how many times in the coming days I'll have perfect "kodak moments" that I'll have to pass by??????? *sigh*

P.S. Obviously there won't be any pictures on here for awhile!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pell City Friends!

Pell City Kids!

A little bit about us

We are currently pastoring a very very small country church in Erie County, PA. We dearly love it here. This country girl loves being back in farm country! If you would like to see some pictures of our church you can visit http://www.keepvillechurch.com/. We have a fantastic church family and we love them dearly.

We have been married 12 yrs and have 4 children. Kenton is 7 and is about to start his second year of homeschooling (2nd grade). Vincent is 5 and is about to start kindergarten at the local public school. We thank the Lord for a wonderful, farm community elementary school where there is wonderful Christian teachers. Kendra is 3.5 and is our ultra sensitive little girl. She is our worrier and little mommy!! She must be able to see or account for her 3 siblings at all times or she literally falls apart in hysterics. Alyssa is 2.5 and has made it her life's goal to keep her siblings on the straight and narrow. She can often be seen with her little pointer finger wagging away at them while giving a stern lecture.

Currently we only have 2 pets - Tally (short for Talledaga) our choc. lab and Blacky, our black (who'd have guessed?) cat. We also own a bull named "T-bone". He is currently being boarded by a local farmer but he lived here at our place until just recently. He was a very fun bull and the kids had a blast with him. However, he was very much a pet and as his name implies, his ultimate end has already been predetermined and Byron says, "we don't eat pets" so we have moved him off our property so as to break the attachment to him.

Byron is currently 1/3 of the way through his masters program through Indiana Wesleyan University. He is doing the online program - Masters in Education. He is doing very well and I am so proud of him!! Being a pastor, dad, husband and student is challenging!

I am Mom, wife, Pastor's wife, teacher and anything else that needs done usually passes by me as well. I am not complaining - I love my life and I am so thankful God chose to use me in the ways He has.

Here are our kids at Cabella's . I apologize that my girls did not see the importance of pulling down their skirts before the picture!!

(Kenton, Kendra, Vincent & Alyssa)

This is "T-bone" and Kendra taking one last ride before he

left to go to his new home.

This is Kenton and Talley. Talley was Kenton's 7th birthday present.

The meaning behind the name

It has come to my attention that our blog title, "The Journey", may seem odd to some or perhaps even meaningless to others. Here's the story.....
While enduring the many hours safely seat belted in our comfy minivan on our recent trip to Alabama and back, I had more than enough time to think and pray. One thing that struck me was how our life together as a family is, and has been, a journey.
Twelve years ago Byron and I left our respective homes and excitedly headed off on what we were certain would be a smooth sailing journey of thrills and excitement and non-stop happy moments. Wow..... somewhere along the line as the mile markers whizzed by us we realized that "life happens".
Some of the miles we've traveled have been miles that I would dearly love to re-travel (the birth of my children would be a prime example). Some of the miles we've traveled have been boring at best and downright monotonous at worst. And, as you've already guess, there've even been a few mile markers that bear alot of tear stains from the sheer agony of the time spent in passing that way.
The unique thing about this journey is this - we do not have the privilege of traveling this route more than once. I cannot experience over again the indescribably joyful miles of pregnancy and birth and newborn delights. And, thankfully, I do not have to re-travel the miles of sleepless nights and unstoppable tears. There may be more of those undesirable miles down the road of our journey, but for now........
I am determined to savor the route I am on. I want to see all the scenery, visit all the landmarks, absorb all the lessons there are to learn and enjoy the journey to the fullest! The miles I've traveled thus far have made me the person I am. I would not be where I am today had I not followed His roadmap.
And now you know the meaning behind our Blog title.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pell City Bible Methodist Camp

What a wonderful, exciting month it has been. God has been so good to us in allowing us to experience His beauty all the way from good ole Pennsylvania down to sunny Alabama and all the states in between!

It was so much fun to be "e-in" Alabama where people don’t talk on "cell phones" - they talk on "sale phones". We also learned that if you are in the south, sweeping the floor means using a broom and vacuuming means using a vacuum. Byron told someone at the camp that we were going to sweep the children's church room and they said, "Why are you going to use a broom?" He said, "I'm not, I'm using a sweeper" and they said, "when you sweep, you use a broom." :-)

And who knew that all liquid with sugar in it is a "coke"? Up north, "coke" is a brand - not a general drink. In Alabama we learned that everything you drink is considered coke. Then you specify what flavor you want. So, while I was down there I would ask for a coke then when asked what kind I would say "Pepsi" and just indulge in a private chuckle to myself over it. LOL

Shortly after we arrived in Alabama, we went to a Walmart and my kids said, "Mom, why are they all talking so funny!!!" LOL One of the clerks heard them and she said, "We're not talking funny! You are!!" LOL

No matter what the pronunciation may be, Pell City Camp was a huge highlight in our lives. When Rev. Hedstrom called us last fall to come be the children’s evangelists for this years camp, we immediately began to look forward the task but we didn’t realize how much of a joy it would be. We will never be the same since attending the camp and sitting under the anointed preaching of Rev. Marc Sankey, and Rev. John Parker. They did a wonderful job of preaching searching, timely and practical sermons.

The Thursday night’s missions service was like none I’ve ever attended. I wish that every young person I know would have been able to attend that service. Rev. Tim Keep did a powerful job of presenting the Bible Methodist work in the Philippines. The entire service was so blessed with the Lord’s presence in a very real way. I can honestly say, I’ve never been in a service that moved me as much as that service did.

The friendliness and kindness of all the people at the camp was overwhelming and quite frankly touched us beyond words. Everyone treated us like family and treated our kids like their own. Their hospitality was above average and simply fantastic. We were treated very very well and we felt like we really mattered.

One of the big things that stood out to us about the people of Pell City Camp and of the conference (Alabama Conference) was the unity among the pastors and laymen/women and their leaders.

All in all, it was all OUR privilege and joy to be a part of Pell City Bible Methodist Camp 2007.

We were so privileged to be placed in the same house as Jonathan & Emily Heath and their boys. Our children had so much fun together. My kids are still talking about them.

The journey begins!

Wow!! Internet technology is not new to me by any stretch but I've been putting off starting our own blog for various reasons. Lack of time would probably be the most significant hinderance but in all reality, the biggest reason I have not done so thus far has been primarily due to fear. You see, I've been reading several other blogs faithfully and I find myself more than a little intimidated by the awesome writing abilitys of those around me. However, I have bravely set aside my pride and ego and I am now the proud owner of our very own blog!!!

I will do my best to keep everyone up to date on our family while endeavoring to keep from boring you to tears!

We just arrived home from a wonderful trip to Alabama.... I'll make another post about that. On the way home we vacationed in Gatlinburg for a week. We spent a day at Dollywood and discovered that our kids (the 2 youngest especially) are not really ready to make the connection between fun, 110 degree weather and forever long lines. Not to mention that 80% of the rides are off limits to them. I will add more pics of our vacation once I download them from Byron's computer.