Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fun in Coshocton

Two weeks ago we were privileged to be the children's workers for the Calvary Chapel in Choshocton Ohio. Roger & Rachael McCreery are the pastor's there and we had SUCH a nice time getting to know them better and fellowshipping together. Anyways, the Lord helped us as we endeavored to teach the children how GREAT God is. We taught them about the 4 largest stars and how God's glory and power is written all through the heavens. Fascinating stuff. They had 75ish VBS'ers on their biggest night (that's not counting workers or teen helpers). Byron gave them the incentive that if they had 100 VBS kids he'd shave his head. I am MOST grateful that they did NOT have that may kids. It'd have been nice for their church but I would NOT have been a happy "Mrs." :-) God is really doing exciting things at Calvary Chapel and we need to pray for them each day!

This was an object lesson illustrating that even if only a tiny bit of something is not good, then you shouldn't participate. The bag of popcorn was good and Byron dripped just a couple tiny drops of gasoline into the bag. Of course the children suddenly did NOT want to eat any of hte popcorn.

Byron and the Boney men

Another object lesson: the glass was filthy - just caked with mud and dirt. Byron asked the little fellow if he wanted the pepsi. He did but not in that glass. So, Byron made a huge display of cleaning the outside of the glass til it sparkled. The inside was still filthy. The little fellow obviously still wouldn't touch it. So then Byron cleaned the whole glass thoroughly. It was demonstrating how we can clean ourselves up on the outside but without God cleansing us on the inside we are worthless. Just like the glass, it was worthless until it was cleaned out.

Rachael is probably the most active pastor's wife I've ever seen. She honestly put me to shame. I don't think the dear lady had more than 2 seconds to herself the whole week and she just was incredibly strong.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Day with My Parents

We've hardly been together this year for some odd reason so today it was nice to spend some time with Mom & Dad. Here are a few pics from their visit. They treated us to Cracker Barrel for supper which was a LOVELY treat!!

Time to Can!!

Today was a fun day for our family. It was the first time we harvested our garden as a family. Lots of work but lots of fun!!! At the end of the day we have 48 pints of pickled beets, 45 quarts of freezer corn and 15 pints of chopped green peppers stashed in the freezer. All from our very own garden!!! How cool is that?!!! I didn't get a picture of all the produce one it was canned/ready to freeze but here are a few pics from the fun that went on during the day.

Marge English is 76 yrs old and is a faithful parishioner of ours. She goes nonstop. She cans everything possible and gives most of it away to her family. She lives on her own in an adorable little house that I just love. She seriously has more stamina and energy than I do. She is the queen of canning so I am trying to learn from her all that I can - while I can.

Mom & Dad came and spent the day with us today. More on that in another post.

Alyssa's job was to mark the paper every time Daddy got 1 dozen cobs stacked up. She was doing a great job of counting the tally marks too!!!

After a long day of canning....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost Home!

Our new denomination home that is! Last night the Executive Committee from the Heartland Bible Methodist Conference came and met with our church members as a final step before approving our church to join. We had a lovely lovely evening with the Executive committee and their spouses and then sadly, the Sams had to leave late this morning. I didn't get many pictures because I was busy hostessing but I did manage to grab a few.

During the meeting

The picnic following

Grandma Sams

We are SO blessed!