Wednesday, November 11, 2009

He Really Wants Us to Make It!

For whatever reason, I grew up with the idea that God was in His Heaven with His arms crossed over His chest not just waiting for me to goof up and commit some sin but even expecting me to do just that. I've always known that He could and would forgive me of my sins and that His perfect plan is for all of us to make it to Heaven someday but I never really "got it" until recently.

This summer, our kids participated in the pedal pull at our local fair. Alyssa is 4 and this was her first year to participate. Her father was so intent and determined that she would make a "full pull" - make it to the finish line. Check out this picture:

Look at her daddy. He is wildly waving her towards himself - the finish line. His whole body is into the effort. It doesn't take much to see that if he could win the pull for her himself, he would do it. Yet, he couldn't do it for her. She had to win the race herself. But that didn't stop him for cheering her on and shouting encouraging words to her. Oh, how I wish you could have heard him!

This is a perfect picture of our Heavenly Father. We're sitting on this silly ole tractor called life. We'll trying our dead level best to win this race. But it's hard. The weights keeping getting piled on. The load keeps getting heavier and heavier. And He keeps cheering us on. We want to stop. Yet He keeps cheering. We grumble, "the load is too heavy! I can't carry this much!" Yet He keeps frantically motioning us toward Himself.

If we could see Him, I can guarantee the picture would look very much like the above picture of Daddy Byron and his little girl. With every once of his being, Byron wanted Alyssa to win that race. How much more so must our Heavenly Father want us to cross the finish line victorious and into His waiting arms.

No, He's not up there expecting us to fail and waiting to chastise us when we do. He's leaning towards and gesturing frantically, "You can do it!! Keep pulling!! Don't stop!!! Don't look back!!! Keep your eyes on me!!!"

Keep pulling. Don't stop! We CAN make it!!


Christy said...

Thanks for this post, I needed reminded of this! Like you, I too grew up thinking the same thing about God and had a similar epiphany when I watched "Facing the Giants" by Alex Kendrick. There is a point in the story when the coach is encouraging his players to give all they've got and he is down on his knees yelling, "keep going, don't stop" etc... it brings me to tears each time I see it!!

Janiece said...

Great post Julie! It gives us something to think about : )

Melissa said...

Christy is soo right about that movie and that was one of those moments I was crying and sitting on the edge of my seat as well. Loved the movie soo much I bought it and have passed it around to at least 5 other people.

Thanks for this beautiful picture of words about our wonderful Lord.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post...very encouraging!

Janet said...

Thank you for this post!

Anonymous said...

I don't know you, but so glad I got to read this post! I really needed it! God bless, Ruthanne